Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ida not executed with US but; hurricane’s remnants rip Northeast | Regional

NEW YORK (AP) — Relentless rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida despatched the New York Metropolis space right into…

By Staff , in Palladium , at September 2, 2021

NEW YORK (AP) — Relentless rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida despatched the New York Metropolis space right into a state of emergency early Thursday, because the storm carried into New England with threats of extra tornadoes.

New York’s FDR Drive, a serious artery on the east facet of Manhattan, and the Bronx River Parkway had been beneath water by late Wednesday night. Subway stations and tracks grew to become so flooded that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority suspended all service. Movies posted on-line confirmed subway riders standing on seats in vehicles full of water.

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