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Life in Louisiana’s boot difficult, adventuresome post-Ida | Wire

BELLE CHASSE, La. (AP) — Life in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish is a mixture of frustration and somewhat journey since Hurricane…

By Staff , in Palladium , at September 2, 2021

BELLE CHASSE, La. (AP) — Life in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish is a mixture of frustration and somewhat journey since Hurricane Ida, with cowboys wrangling free cattle on a freeway, residents navigating alligator-infested floodwaters to get dwelling and hundreds ready in lengthy strains for fuel and meals.

On the plus facet, nobody died in the course of the Class 4 storm on this slender spit of soggy land southeast of New Orleans. On the down facet, hundreds of properties are broken, many lack energy and water and nobody is bound when issues will get again to regular.

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