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Did The Treasury Raid 250B from Authorities Retirement Accounts (Once more)?

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The Debt Ceiling

The Treasury bumped up in opposition to the debt ceiling on the finish of July. Since then, it has been utilizing “extraordinary measures” to permit the Authorities to maintain hemorrhaging money with out having to extend the debt ceiling.

The chart under reveals the month-over-month change in debt for August equal to $0. Regardless of zero web change, there are two essential details to focus on.

  • The Treasury continued changing quick time period debt to long run
  • Nonmarketable debt holdings shrunk by $257B

Determine: 1 Month Over Month change in Debt

The conversion of short-term to long-term has been lined in earlier articles, so let’s evaluation the change to Nonmarketable.

Over 95% of Nonmarketable debt are intra-governmental holdings (i.e. debt the Authorities owes to itself reminiscent of Social Safety). The 5% ($250B) of Nonmarketable held by the general public is within the Federal Retirement Thrift Financial savings Plan (TSP). That is the 401k equal plan supplied to Authorities staff. Obtained that? The one a part of Nonmarketable debt held by the general public is held by Authorities staff of their retirement plan. And who administers this plan? That’s proper, the Authorities.

So what occurs when the Treasury bumps up in opposition to the debt ceiling? They droop investments into the G Fund which invests in Treasury securities. The Authorities nonetheless ensures the returns, however this prevents the plan from investing in Treasuries.

The chart under reveals the quantity of Nonmarketable Treasury Debt held by the TSP traditionally. As could be seen, the quantity grows steadily over time however collapses to zero periodically. This happens in tandem with different debt ceiling limits.

Determine: 2 Retirement Fund

The G Fund has a maturity that lasts from a couple of days to 52 weeks. This implies the Treasury stops rolling over funds into the Nonmarketable securities and it gives room for the Treasury to challenge debt elsewhere.

This isn’t the primary time the trick has been used. Because the chart reveals, throughout previous debt ceiling sagas the Treasury targets this particular fund to realize quick aid from the debt ceiling. Why do that? In principle, this should not have any web impression on Authorities funds. Money is returned to the G Funds and is raised by issuing public debt reminiscent of Bonds, Notes, and Payments. Internet-zero impression. The Authorities shouldn’t care the place the money is coming from, so why the additional step right here?

What seems extra possible is that the Authorities borrows the money, utilizing the G Funds assure as collateral. Because the G Fund matures, it clears up room within the debt ceiling but additionally provides the Authorities the money that ought to have been invested in G Funds. Basically it turns into shadow debt on high of debt. The equal could be your pal providing you with an IOU for $100, then asking for that IOU again so they might give it to another person however promising to return the IOU at some later date. A verbal promise replaces a paper promise.

To be clear, I’m a knowledge analyst, not an accountant, however that is essentially the most logical cause for performing this “extraordinary” maneuver. If this was not the way it unfolded, then it will not make sense to carry out this trick. If this in actual fact the case, then that is not a suspension however a whole raid of Authorities worker retirement accounts.

Thus, this accounting trick instantly frees up $250B in “debt ceiling area”. Liberating up this area permits the Authorities to maintain the retirement money however then challenge new debt to the general public within the type of Notes and Bonds. What a privilege! As proven in Determine 1 above, $324B of recent medium-long time period debt was issued in August. Utilizing the Authorities retirement plan and permitting $100B in short-term Payments to mature gave the Treasury this wiggle room to challenge this debt.

Money Balances

Along with the TSP accounting trick, the Treasury additionally relied on its money stability. Based mostly on the trajectory of the money stability depletion proven under, it’s fairly apparent Yellen did not need a big money stability heading into the debt ceiling saga. This forces the hand of Congress to behave extra rapidly to get the debt ceiling raised.

Somebody with out political motivations would have used the debt ceiling suspension to construct up a conflict chest of money to maintain the Authorities funded for an prolonged time period. The argument may very well be made this is able to disrupt monetary markets as new US Debt wouldn’t be issued for an prolonged time period, however there may be nonetheless a lot sloshing round and rolling over every month (see charts under).

Thus, as an alternative of doing what one would count on, Yellen did the alternative, permitting the money stability to deplete into the debt ceiling saga (from $1.6T in January to $555B on Aug 2nd). The remaining money goes rapidly. As of Sept 3, the stability has shrunk to $262B. This represents an almost $300B money drawdown in a single month.

Contemplating greater than $500B of money was burned in August alone ($250 from TSP and $300 from money stability), it turns into clear why Yellen has mentioned the Treasury will run out of money by October. At such a excessive burn price, “extraordinary measures” run out rapidly.

Determine: 3 Treasury Money Stability


In August, the Treasury accessed over $500B in funds regardless of having a tough restrict on the debt ceiling.

Maybe extra alarming is the pace of the TSP drawdown. In previous situations, the drawdown has occurred over a couple of months, in the latest interval the complete drawdown occurred in a single month just like 2019 (solely bigger this time). The pace at which “extraordinary measures” has exhausted choices, reveals simply how rather more the Authorities is spending monthly now in comparison with years previous. An evaluation of the month-to-month Federal Deficit could be discovered right here.

To reiterate, this isn’t cash saved or a discount in spending because the debt is reissued the second congress lifts the debt ceiling (additionally proven within the speedy rebounds). Moreover, I’m not making the case Authorities staff will probably be left holding the bag. The G Fund ensures that Authorities staff will probably be made entire and is taken into account the most secure funding within the TSP. That being mentioned, I might not be too joyful if this trick was performed with my retirement account.

As a result of the debt ceiling has been reached, the traditional tables and charts present little change in comparison with final month. The information has been proven under however the evaluation will probably be saved for when the debt ceiling is lifted.

Determine: 4 Latest Debt Breakdown


Determine: 5 Month-to-month Rollover

Determine: 6 Quick Time period Rollover

Determine: 7 Treasury Be aware Rollover

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Information Up to date: Month-to-month on the fourth enterprise day

Final Up to date: Aug 2021

US Debt interactive charts and graphs can all the time be discovered on the Exploring Finance dashboard:

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