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Peter Schiff: The Debt Ceiling Is Actually a Debt Flooring

October 19, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Now we have a short lived truce within the debt ceiling battle. On Thursday, President Biden…

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Now we have a short lived truce within the debt ceiling battle. On Thursday, President Biden signed a invoice rising the federal debt restrict by $480 billion. However this isn’t an finish to the debt ceiling battle. Congress simply kicked the can down the highway. The rise is barely anticipated to maintain the US authorities solvent till Dec. 3.

As Peter Schiff defined on this clip from his podcast, the debt ceiling has changed into a debt flooring.

Janet Yellen has already introduced the Treasury will proceed “extraordinary measures” to stop the accrual of debt. In a letter to Congress, Yellen referred to as the small improve a “non permanent reprieve” to a possible default.

It’s crucial that Congress act to extend or droop the debt restrict in a manner that gives longer-term certainty that the federal government will fulfill all its obligations. I respectfully urge Congress to behave to guard the total religion and credit score of the USA.”

Joe Biden has stated failure to completely and substantively elevate the debt ceiling will trigger an financial disaster. Peter Schiff stated Biden has it backward.

The truth is it’s not an financial disaster if we don’t elevate the debt ceiling. It’s an financial disaster if we maintain elevating the debt ceiling.”

Between 1962 and 2011, lawmakers jacked up the debt “restrict” 74 instances, in keeping with the Congressional Analysis Service. Because of this the nationwide debt is nicely north of $28 trillion.

If congresses previously had had the heart to not elevate the debt ceiling, we wouldn’t be on this predicament as a result of we might have balanced the books a very long time in the past and we wouldn’t have all this debt.”

Politicians usually declare we’ve to maintain upping the borrowing restrict as a result of “America at all times pays its payments.”

The truth is the explanation we’ve to maintain elevating the debt ceiling is as a result of we by no means pay our payments. If we truly paid our payments, we wouldn’t have any debt. It’s as a result of we don’t pay our payments that we’ve all this debt and since we wish to proceed to not pay our payments, that’s why we wish to elevate the debt ceiling as an alternative of paying our payments.”

Should you repay your Visa along with your Mastercard, you haven’t actually paid your invoice. You’ve simply transferred debt from one lender to a different.

So, when People borrow cash and repay it by borrowing more cash from a brand new lender, nothing has ever been paid. It’s one big Ponzi scheme, and we wish to proceed this debt pyramid and have it develop and develop and develop, and that’s why we wish to elevate the debt ceiling.”

The actual fact is that if Congress doesn’t elevate the debt ceiling, it would velocity up the disaster.

What Biden actually means is that if we elevate the debt ceiling, we will kick the disaster down the highway and we gained’t need to take care of it in the present day. However in fact, it will likely be a much bigger disaster as a result of we’re going to have much more debt. So, by elevating the debt ceiling now, we will keep away from having to take care of the issue now. We will simply make it greater and have an excellent greater drawback to take care of tomorrow.”

However you possibly can solely kick the can down the highway to this point. Should you may kick the can down the highway perpetually, there would by no means be any debt crises. However there are. International locations undergo them.

Historical past is replete with examples the place extremely indebted international locations ultimately ran out of rope. And simply because America has extra rope than perhaps another nation by advantage of our standing and the reserve foreign money standing of the greenback doesn’t imply it’s an limitless provide. Sooner or later, we’ll attain the top of our rope after which we’re going to be dangling from it identical to everyone else.”

In fact, Joe Biden doesn’t wish to face the music whereas he’s within the White Home. He wants the debt ceiling raised so the US isn’t pressured to begin paying its money owed — which it may possibly’t do. It must start to default. About that, Yellen is correct. And the US authorities would additionally need to considerably reduce spending.

So, what Biden desires, and what everyone in authorities desires, is to proceed enterprise as ordinary — proceed to go the buck, and go deeper and deeper into debt so we will purchase stuff we will’t afford and borrow cash we will by no means repay, all to maintain a disaster at bay as a result of we’d somewhat have it occur on any individual else’s watch.”

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