Saturday, October 23, 2021

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As COVID continues to ravage folks around the globe, and political theater continues to rehash the 2020 presidential election cycle,…

By Staff , in Palladium , at October 23, 2021

As COVID continues to ravage folks around the globe, and political theater continues to rehash the 2020 presidential election cycle, there appears to be no finish to the mounting conspiracy theories being floated on-line about many matters.

Sadly, this isn’t new, neither is it actually information. It simply is, and it at all times has been, from the gnostics of historical Israel who claimed to have “particular information” about God, to at present, when elections that don’t go the best way some might have hoped are claimed to not be misplaced however “stolen,” regardless of the overwhelming lack of credible proof.

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In the present day’s Insights was written by the Rev. David F. Hills, pastor at Stevensville United Methodist Church. Insights is written by space clergy to provide totally different viewpoints on quite a lot of matters. It’s revealed every weekend in cooperation with the Berrien County Affiliation of Church buildings. The views expressed by the creator don’t essentially replicate the views of member church buildings.

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