Monday, June 14, 2021

Myanmar court docket frees one in all two detained US journalists | Regional

BANGKOK (AP) — A court docket in Myanmar has launched U.S. journalist Nathan Maung, who was arrested three months in…

By Staff , in Palladium , at June 14, 2021

BANGKOK (AP) — A court docket in Myanmar has launched U.S. journalist Nathan Maung, who was arrested three months in the past whereas working for a neighborhood on-line information company, his lawyer stated Monday.

Maung was launched after fees in opposition to him have been dropped and his case dismissed, and he shall be deported on Tuesday, lawyer Tin Zar Oo stated. Nonetheless, a colleague at Kamayut Media who was arrested with him, Myanmar nationwide Hanthar Nyein, stays in jail, she stated.

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